Sunday, February 10, 2008

OC Metro Business Magazine Article

My new website was featured in the OC Metro Business ~ E-Commerce section of the January 31st, 2008 edition. The OC Metro Business Magzine publishes articles on the current business events in Orange County, California.

The E-Commerce section features new, and innovative businesses that offer products over the internet.

This was an exciting event for my new website that offers upscale libraries to CAD designers.

If you would like to see the article follow the link below to:
If you would like to view the libraries offered on the Products page, please follow the link below:

Please stay tuned to this blog for tips and tricks, AutoCAD tutorials, and industry news.

Take care, Kevin

1 comment:

LifeCoachNova said...

Go Kevin!

Your blog design represents you well: Creative, Innovative, and Interesting! How remarkable to offer your talents on a venue that many can benefit from. Your libraries for CAD designers at is a must see for anyone! Your abilities, professionalism, and value are admirable for us all.

Looking forward to more blog postings about your business and you!