Monday, May 24, 2010

Affordable OnLine AutoCAD Training

In working with, I have completed a 10 hour Introduction to AutoCAD on-line video training tutorial. Not only do you get a great 10 hour AutoCAD video tutorial, you also get access to their entire video library that includes all Microsoft Office programs, accounting tutorials, operating systems, Adobe software, Apple basics, selling on eBay, and programming tutorials.

All this has unlimited access for one low fee of $29.00 a month! This is a great way to get started with some AutoCAD training at a VERY affordable price!

Free trials are available too!

Just click on the image below to get started!


If you have any questions about the AutoCAD tutorial, just send me a note:  Contact Kevin
Good luck on all your projects!


Rich said...

Seems like a great service! I work with the McGraw Hill Sweets Network, with many cad library options for all types of use.

Anna hussy said...
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