Thursday, March 27, 2008

Weekend CAD Warrior!

How many of you out there use your AutoCAD for projects at home? Personally, I can't think of any better use for $3,000 software, and a $2,000 computer, than to design a $20 home project!

I love home remodel projects, and I've been a woodworker since I was 10 years old. So I'm starting an addition to my blog that shows how AutoCAD, or any CAD package, can save you time and improve your design projects at home.

The first project that I would like to present is one of the simplest ones I've done lately. I found two old outdoor chairs at a demolishion site in Oceanside California. I wanted to update the look and give them a new paint color. My first step was to decide what design I wanted to give the back and arms. I felt something similar to a loose interpetation of a adirondack chair would work fine. So I drew up a few options in AutoCAD as shown below.

I decided that I wanted the beveled back option. Drawing options in CAD is a great way to see different options and get cutting dimensions.

So here is the final result. The picture below shows one chair completed and one chair as I found them.

Not bad for for a $20 investment!

I will add my Weekend CAD Warrior column to my blog a couple times a month, so stay tuned for the next CAD home project.

~Peace to everyone~

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